Greenview Superior Hithergreen Lansing 66073 United States
Greenview Superior Lawn Care Lansing, KS 66043, Leavenworth, KS 66048 Kansas
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First impressions are very important! That is why we go above and beyond average to make sure you are totally satisfied. Our commitment shows with every yard we mow. Learn more about Greenview Superior:

Established in 2008, Greenview Superior understands the importance of having your property look its best at all times. That’s why we offer our full service lawn care, from mowing to blowing your lawn will be neat and clean.
We take pride in serving our customers lawn care needs. Greenview Superior Lawn Care is located in the Leavenworth and Lansing, Kansas area and we specialize in maintaining residential properties.
It can be difficult to find lawn care service providers who you can trust and count on.  Greenview Superior is very serious when we say we are dedicated to pleasing you.
Have peice of mind in knowing that we are fully insured and pay our taxes!

If you would like to receive our services. Call or e-mail us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions on details about doing lawn service with us, here is some more information. This section should help answer most of your questions, If not then please call us. As far as what all is included & what you get with your lawn service, that can be found on the SERVICES page.

Satisfaction: If you’re not happy with our service at anytime then were not happy either. Please let me know if there is something we need to correct or that I need to be aware of, as I strive to always provide our best lawn work possible to satisfy our customers 100%.

Agreement for Sevice: A handshake and your word is how we continue to do business with you. WE DO NOT DO CONTRACTS FOR RESIDENTIAL lawn service only Commercial, and you are under NO obligation to sign any agreement for our services. Our customer's keep us year after year because they WANT to, and not because they are forced to. We are committed to providing you with quality service done right that you will be happy with for as long as you need it. We hope you will be very satified with our lawn service. However, If you do need to cancel for any reason then call us, we would appreciate a reasonable amount of notice.

Mowing Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:00 to 6:00, only are mowing days, If you have a certain day of the week you would like your service done on, please let us know and we will try to reserve that day for you. *If you have a underground sprinkler system PLEASE set it to water either 2 days BEFORE, or 2 days AFTER your scheduled Mow date to help us out. No major Holidays, Saturday's and Sunday's are reserved for your privacy and time, as well as our employee's family time. If we can not mow on your scheduled day for some reason; bad weather- rain, holiday, etc. Then we will mow your lawn asap, generally 1-2 days later. If you have a event or something special that you would like your yard mowed for, please let us know 4-5 in advance so we can schedule you in.

Should you find our work not up to your expectations, please contact us and a crew or crew member will go back out, at our expense, to correct or re-do the problem.

Pets/ Locked Gates: Please know that if we notice your pet in the back yard and are not comfortable with the dog, we will kindly close the gate and NOT mow that area of your yard. We do this for the safety of your pet as well as our employee's. PLEASE make arrangements to have your pet put somewhere else on your scheduled day. We will ring your doorbell and alert you of the situation so you can put your pet up for us if you are home. *If you must use a lock on your gate, please leave us a key, or the combination so we can get in. If we can not get in to mow you WILL still be billed and we will not make a additional trip back until your next scheduled visit. Please note,we do not pick up pet droppings,that is your resposibility.

Monthly Billing: Monthly bills are sent out on the last day of the month work was done. They are due back promptly by the 15th of the following month. A late charge of $ 10 will be applied if your payment is not recieved by that date so please be promt with your payment. All accounts past due 30 days will have work put on hold until balance is paid. These terms will renew automatically every year unless canceled by either party.

State Sales Tax of 7.35% is charged on all materials. If your are exept, please provide us with the needed form and numbers.

Payments: We accept check, cash, or credit cards using Square.

Damage to Property: We try to take every precaution to protect your property, but sometimes accidents can happen. If you find we have damaged a sprinkler head, drain cover, etc.. please contact us and we will gladly repair or replace it.

Keeping Lawn Clean: Please make sure your lawn is free of toys, cords and other items such as a gargen hose.





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